Everything But the Kitchen Sink and Narnia

I am on a train headed towards a Willy Wonka-esque factory. We are barreling towards it through the snow and from afar it’s as big as a city, with shiny plastic spires akin to those found in the Emerald City of Oz.

Whizzing over a massive snow drift we launch into the total darkness of an underground tunnel, and emerge into an elderly woman’s living room.

At this point I’m thoroughly confused as to what exactly is going on, and annoyed with myself for having such a hectic and nonsensical dream, nevertheless I’m here now so on with it! We walk through a door in Edna’s house, (I’m appeased that my brain has named the old woman Edna, she looks the part), and we emerge at our original destination. Truthfully, I am just glad that we didn’t pop out in Narnia, I think my brain would have shorted out. We emerge in a Willy Wonka Wonderland for today’s more health conscious population! An entire room, made not of candy but of fruit!

Unfortunately, what I am really craving is a tomato, and despite my argument that it should be included in the spread, as it IS in fact a fruit, I am told off and left a bit disappointed. The saving grace of the dream was that each time you took a bite of a different fruit, your hair would change colors.

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