We did blackout poetry today in class, our medium was a page taken from the “w” page of an index from a poetry anthology:

Body be,

My light is spent

I heard

I returned

I saw

I was young with unconfined wings

My grave

My hair

The whiteness

My mouth


Like a pillow on a bed

White sky

White teeth

White swan

I think I know why I am not a painter.

My thoughts on this one are kind of mixed, I am not used to doing poetry but I’m heavily inclined to like it. It was so fun to do and so interesting. I particularly enjoy the phrase “My mouth Dips Like a pillow on a bed.” For some reason that’s just aces in my book 🙂

For anyone unfamiliar with the process, you simply take something that has already been written, like a newspaper article or even another poem, and you circle phrases or words that you really like, then you “blackout” or erase all of the other words. It gives you a really playful way to create an entirely new work of art all your own, and the results are oftentimes quite surreal.

Anyone who likes to play around with their writing should definitely try this out 🙂

Bloggers who blackout:

Or if you want to share your own:


4 thoughts on “Blackout

  1. Found poetry is turning something that exists primarily as a whole, like say, a road-sign, and adding a title to create a poem. In my example in my other post I used a TheraFlu box, and pieced lines that I found written on the container together to form a poem of sorts. It’s really fun you can do it with anything 🙂

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