Tangerine Dream

I am not generally the type to laze about in a drug induced stupor, however my dream self was capable of achieving a massive and surreal high. My body was light and warm, and everything around me was bathed in an indescribably beautiful, tangerine glow.

I felt so inspired and this wave of joy spread over me. I opened a door and to my great delight, the Muppet gang were all there.

We put a whole bunch of Legos into a bag and ran outside into the sun, then made a giant Lego bridge across a river, it was divine!

2 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream

    • I have never thought of it like a storyboard but that is exactly what I’m attempting to accomplish 🙂 I’m such a very young writer that I’m not sure quite how I will begin to enter the literary world. I do compare my dreaming to watching mini-movies, so maybe I should look into it. Thanks

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