Cobble Gobble

My best compatriot and I have made a brilliant pact, to go on a jog from Bellingham to Seattle (that’s 90mi. one way). Even wrapped up in the infinite incomprehensibility of my dream world, I am ever so aware of the sheer distance we are unlikely to cover in the next few hours. Nevertheless we head out, full steam ahead, and make it to the outlying city of Everette in a surprising thirty minutes.Here however, we must make a short pit stop to use the facilities and stretch. She heads off to the restroom and, finding myself with a small window of opportunity to explore the immediate area, I head over to a spiral stairway of cobblestone, leading down into a deep valley at the bottom of which is a small creek.

Eager to splash about for a few minutes I run headlong down the stairs, and soon realize I have gone so far down that I am in total darkness. Something smells damp, the floor has become an oil slick, and I realize quickly that I am in some sort of horrible danger. Unaware of what exactly is making my hair stand on end, I quickly, but as calmly as I can, head back up the stairs into the daylight. I hear my friend and another voice I don’t recognize, calling for me with a sense of urgency, reaffirming my fears that something has gone awry. Fear floods my mind and blinds me, barely able to see and slowly losing the ability to run, I understand what is happening. I am being digested. Crawling up in a final effort to free myself, a great cough sends me forth from a giant maw. Some sort of cobblestone wyrm had taken the place of the stairwell and was swallowing anyone fool enough not to notice, or curious enough not to turn back.

3 thoughts on “Cobble Gobble

    • I am glad to be an excuse to entrench oneself for a few hours in the realm of Diablo III, and thank you, it’s been an age but I have internet again so expect me to be back in business 🙂

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