Army of Friends

My friend and I have been kidnapped by a deranged psychopath and serial killer. We had been on our way out into Olympic National Park to get some camping in, but he must have drugged us somehow because it is my last memory as I sit up groggily in some unknown shed. Looking across the floor I can barely discern a tiny body that I realize must be my friend, she’s breathing, or I think she is at least.

More alert now I stand and walk about the room, but it’s mostly empty, with just a cot and mattress in one corner under a plastic covered window. Looking outside all I can see are a few unremarkable hills covered in scraggly yellow grass patches. Suddenly a man makes his way into my line of sight. The identity of the murderer that has been terrorizing the locals, is as it turns out, my father. He notices me looking at him and conveys to me through his gaze that he had to kidnap both of us, but I was not in any danger, he just wished to kill my friend.

He wanders off for the moment and I hear her stirring behind me, going to her side I realize that she has some sort of gash on her head that’s been bleeding for some time. She looks up at me pale and confused, but before I can say anything the murderer shoves open the door and makes to grab her. She looks at me terrified, and all I have time to do is grab a saw that is hanging on the wall. I know I have to distract my father so I begin to saw my own arm off.

Having the desired effect, my father now races towards me to get me to stop. Not understanding that he is my father, she misinterprets his lunge as an attack against me, and promptly picks up the saw and cuts her arm off as well. I awoke feeling thoroughly satisfied with my friends and our mutual care and concern for one another.

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