Master Debater

It is a bit late in the year, (one more week in the quarter!), but apparently I have decided to join the debate team. The rest of the team is a little miffed that I was allowed to sign up so late, they have been working hard at tournaments all year and I am brand new. Adding to their grumblings is the fact that I signed up  just in time to attend a concert they’ve been fundraising to treat themselves to all year.

I am determined however to turn those frowns upside down and I put my best face forward in an attempt to show them that I am a wonderfully grateful human being. They are all given back stage passes, except me, which pleases them greatly until their coach roots around and manages to dig one up for me. We arrive at the stadium before the show is to start and are brought down onto the stage where the band has just wrapped up a sound check. It is my all time favorite band. I am in shock! I am in awe!

 I would briefly mention that I have no favorite band, I rarely follow music and to be honest I’m a songs person. I have certain songs I love, but I know not who plays them, nor do I know their titles. Back to the dream though!

 I run up and get so excited that I gush, I tell them how much I love them and how much I am flabbergasted to be in their presence, I’m shaking too. For some reason this is exactly what they wanted to hear, as if no one has ever told them how wonderful they are. I immediately monopolize the entire band from everyone on the team. The band likes me and I’m in heaven.

Until I realize what has happened, this is not my moment, and it was never meant to be. I immediately shut down and back off sheepishly under the steady metal searing gaze of twenty some debaters.

8 thoughts on “Master Debater

  1. Can I ask how you go about recording your dreams? Do you remember them after you’ve been up for awhile and just type it in a “new post”? Or do you write it down as soon as you wake up?

    I’ve been having the same bad, recurring dreams lately. I think I need to start recording them and making sense of them …

    Btw I just found out that my posts may not be showing up in my subscribers’ WordPress Readers if they had subscribed before I changed my domain name (which I did 3 weeks ago). So I am now having to send this message to every subscriber before that time if they could kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the “Following” button at the top of my page

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I really value your continued readership. Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience!! I really appreciate it!! 🙂
    – Janice

    • Well, I have been recording my dreams now for a few years so I’ve gotten pretty adept at remembering them in all their minutia but that did take time to perfect. I usually write down key phrases that I can remember from my dreams right away, if I wake up with a blank, I just go about my day until my brain remembers. If you remember just the tail end of a dream, I like to ask myself, why am I here, what was I doing right before this and work backwards rather than attempt to go from the beginning if it’s foggy. I hope you get your dreams down, best wishes.

      • Thanks for the advice! Maybe I’ll post about my dreams too. I have once, but not in vivid detail. They can get pretty disturbing, so we’ll see =P
        Thanks again 🙂

      • Yeah, thats always a tricky decision, how much to leave out or whether you should even write about it. There are a few that never leave the dream journal for sure 🙂

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