Tigers Who Change Their Stripes

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh wait! It's a leopard...

I walk into a backroom in a zoo, and each side of the wide hallway has six large glass windows into enclosures that house either a lion, (a witch or a wardrobe), couldn’t help myself, but truly, a lion, a tiger or a leopard. There is a large group with me and we sit to observe the animals. I experience a fateful blink, and all of a sudden all of the animals have been replaced with fat old men wearing the skins of the great cat they had been.

I just had to use this image. It was involuntary

Nobody around me can see them as I do. They stop at one enclosure and say, “isn’t this one just sweet?” but I see a man wearing a tiger skin flipping them the bird. At another, they exclaim, “this one looks terribly ornery!” and I see a sweet, jolly old man giggling and smiling. I sat back bemused and watched the entire group misjudge every single animal’s true nature.

4 thoughts on “Tigers Who Change Their Stripes

  1. Hmmmm, Anna….Djyour dleams reqularly conjure largch cats viss claws undt altelior motifs….vhat couldt it possibly mean, dahlink?

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