This “Coffee After Ten Routine”

OK so it's not quite this bad.

December has fallen in snowy white sheets around my hometown, (as a helpful visual, my hometown had more snow than Alaska a few years back), and I have come to visit my dearest little brother. My grandmother has been put in charge of the schedule for when we are all to meet up, but she is more concerned about, “this coffee after ten routine,” which she keeps mumbling about, (??) and her being preoccupied means we’re all showing up at random locations around town alone, creating a massive web of missed connections.

Because everyone peruses the classifieds in a red satin cape.

I realize that our biggest problem is that none of us have cell phones and we therefore have no hope of finding one another. I am concerned that simply being without a cell phone could bring things to such a complete halt.

I awoke grasping for my iPhone, had a moment where I admitted to being a bit materialistic, and resolved never to drink coffee after ten.

Hey, if she can carry 'em herself, she can have them.

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