Suddenly, and Instantly!

Fashionable for Fall

I had quite the most wonderful experience with my best friend and partner in crime. Its been straining to get onto paper so tenaciously that I feel if I hold it in any longer I may get the mental equivalent of a UTI. So, speaking of anagrams, we shall begin. Chatting about this that and the other, she stumbled awkwardly, (but fashionably), over the phrase, Sudden Infant Death, and said instead Sudden Instant Death.

After giggles wore off we managed to make our way to a local pub, before the personal joke rendered us once again breathless with laughter, as Sudden Instant Death transformed into Sudden Instant Drinking.

(Pan to later that night)

I'm blue, you're pink, I have no idea who this footless girl in the purple is...


At the party, looking fierce, but she has nothing to drink, this situation must be remedied!

(a secondary person and first rate friend S. has been filled in as to the hilarity of our previous discussion)

S. and myself find red glow sticks, and, wielding them like cheap light-sabers, we attack my wonderful friend suddenly and instantly, claiming to be SID lords…

But I get to be Vader, because it's my blog.

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