The Water Closet Latte

I'll admit the laundry room in my complex could use an upgrade.

I am doing laundry at my apartment when a huge bus full of Mormon tourists pulls into the parking lot just outside. They hop out and start taking pictures. I am intrigued as to what they find so entertaining about the parking lot of my complex, as it is not quite the Taj Mahal, so my curious self wanders outside.

She's photographing a parking lot.

I immediately run into a Mormon boy from my past, well, I must add that he is about two hundred pounds heavier than the Mormon boy from my past, yet I can discern a resemblance and eventually I am certain it is him. He is very animated and asks me if I would please be his girlfriend, (I had tried and failed to do this in a role reversed reality).

Almost as bad as that awkward armrest thing guys do in movie theaters.

I am disgusted and break into a dead sprint, locking myself in my apartment. Then, in an odd twist of randomness which I do not normally experience in the dream realm, I go into my bathtub and the spout only pours out coffee, after soaking for a while, my body becomes the foam atop a water closet latte.

You sir, are a sneaksby and a mushroom!

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