Circumvented by the Circus

I am a child, preoccupied with a windowpane covered in frost. I lean in very close to the glass, and draw with my fingers, little circus animals, first an elephant, then a giraffe. As I begin to draw the stripes on a crude zebra, the animals magically come alive!

They peel themselves from the window like silver stickers and cavort about the room. The more I create, the more I am surrounded by playful little two square inch creatures. We dance about my room and I am transformed into a silver duck. I lead them in a march of the animals.

6 thoughts on “Circumvented by the Circus

  1. This blog makes me think about my childhood, many moons We were family of four living in a ghetto in NYC, no A/C, 90+degree, on top of a bunk bed. I looked out my window pane, as you described, and just had to come up with some kind of imagination to distract myself from all that heat, and hopefully fall asleep. I loved pretending to be in a circus, the Ringling Bros circus. The circus commercial was so captivating, I wanted to go so bad, but I knew I couldn’t ask my parents. We were too poor to even have non-diluted milk for our meal, I couldn’t ask my parents for something so big, something so selfish. My window pane and the circus commercial got me through every tough time as a child.

    Another great blog, fela. Thanks for the memory 🙂

    • That’s so wonderful to hear! I had a bunk bed too as a kid. In Spokane Washington we had our own share of Heatwaves, but I must be honest, I was a lucky, lucky kid. We went to the circus every year and I have never experienced anything as wonderful as riding the elephants. I’m glad to have evoked positive childhood memories 🙂

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