Oh Baby!

I am in an old church orphanage that has been renovated into a new museum focused on inequality throughout our country’s history. It is, of course, in the south, and still has separate colored and white facilities. My friend and I cavorted around, enjoying all the museum had to offer, following a self-guided tour from our complimentary pamphlets. We took pictures of everything with big clunky cameras that must have originated in the fifties to account for their massive weight.

We made our way down into the basement and found an absolutely enormous mulatto baby the size of a full grown steer, lying in an over-sized crib. It rolled over so that we could see its face, and it was not the picture of youth, but the wrinkled face of an old woman. With a great inhalation of air the baby began to scream, literally blowing us back outside onto the street as it cried up a storm. We hardly required further motivation and fled immediately.


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