My friend Katy and I are in a large building in a huge urban area. For some reason we find ourselves in only our underwear, and we are quite desperate to keep ourselves from the eyes of others. We begin to sneak around looking for clothing as well as a possible escape route. The first room we enter is a daycare, and thankfully we have chanced to be there during nap time, so the only witnesses to our little escapade were fluffy snoozing noggins poking out from beneath lumpy blankies.

We hustle ourselves into the next room and a quick survey the area, and find that our good fortune has yet to run out, it is empty! It appears to be an old, wood-paneled common room of sorts, similar to those reserved for the ivy league frat houses of the east coast. A clattering of leather on tile coming from a presumed entryway, alerted us to an imminent disruption of the seclusion we had so briefly enjoyed. As we scrambled to hide, we found that the game was up! We were spotted, and mortified to have been so disgraced. I suppose it was fortunate then, if a bit unflattering, that we were met with a terse tone. Long, fraternity sweaters were produced for us and after we were somewhat more dressed we were asked politely, if a bit shortly, to be on our way.


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