Bringing Spring

I had arranged to meet a boy who I loved at the apex of a snowy peak. I realized once I had hiked in to the base of the mountain that my planning had been poor at best. I could find no trail, not even space to squeeze through the dense pine growth that covered the entire area. Sitting down on a bench, someone had fashioned out of a local fallen tree, I pulled some granola out of my pack and thought of a way in which I could penetrate the forest. Finally, inspiration struck, I pulled myself up the side of the nearest tree until I emerged at the top. I then flew through the air, landing en point on the very tips of the trees, and I made my way surprisingly quickly to the summit. I saw him at the base of the tree I stood upon and sprung down to him. He caught me smiling and planted one on me making me squeal with delight. He told me that we had to hurry or we would be caught by spring.

We ran fast through a now far more sparse forest, and just behind us the veil of spring melted the snow and instantly brought flowers into bloom on every surface. There was surely some vast consequence should we let the warming climate catch up with us, but we were lithe and young, thus we were just crossing the final bridge to a quaint alpine village when the entirety of our surroundings went up in spring. It was beautifully breathtaking, and I was infinitely glad to have someone who I loved so much there with me to experience it.


4 thoughts on “Bringing Spring

  1. I love the line “hurry, before we are caught by spring.” Great word choice! (sorry by the way for all my comments on your blog at once; I follow a lot of people and rather than read them every single day I set aside time every other weekend to read them all at once. I get a better grip on the writing when I’ve been concentrating on it for a period of time longer than the ten minutes it would take to read them every day).

    • Thank you for the comments! I am the same with my following setup. I did comment anonymously by accident that you should watch the Weird and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia and do a blog review. It’s bizarre, and your careful word choice might lend it a fresh interpretation.

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