Night Run

I was in a car with my best friend K driving to Seattle. apparently we had borrowed L’s car, and I was telling her about the pterodactyl dream I’d just had. I noticed that I could barely see the car in front of us, and I realized that we had been driving without the headlights on. I screamed at her to stop and we slammed on the breaks so as not to rear end the car in front of us. We spun out of control and I closed my eyes as we both waited for impact that never came.

Coming to a stop, cars whizzed past us as we collected ourselves. We drove on, but somehow we had exited the freeway and were on a road that would eventually dead end in some woodsy neighborhood. We pulled over deciding to continue along on foot. We walked a ways, ultimately deciding it was too dark and turned back. We started to run at a fair pace, but she got past me and somehow skipped the car, it being too black out to see far past ones own person. I got into the car and waited, but she had the keys, and she never returned.

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