Coyote Capers

My next door neighbor has just had a litter of border collie puppies as well as one of kittens. There was a little hole in the fence, and they could wiggle into our yard and explore. It was night-time and we were overjoyed to be playing with them all. We were rounding them up to protect them from the possibility of being eaten by coyotes. The coyotes had been concealing themselves and their glowing red eyes, by hopping silently from rooftop to rooftop and eyed the babies hungrily.

This is not the first time I’ve dreamed about a red-eyed coyote antagonist. A number of years ago I had a horrible dream that they were surrounding my father’s home, declaring war on my family. My kitten kept going over to the window and I was terrified that they would break through and come in to eat her. It does make some sense to me that I would have this fear. When I was about ten I had a little lab puppy at my dad’s house. She was shy from the beginning, and cried every time we left the house. We had her on a little tether out in the yard and we lived far back in the woods. After we’d had her for two-weeks, we went on a weekend trip and asked my grandmother to check in on her. We got back and her tether was stretched to its limit, ending in the drainage ditch. We found that coyotes had killed her. It was heartbreaking, and more so because they hadn’t eaten her to perpetuate their own survival, but by all observation it seemed they had simply killed her, and left.

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