Ape Caper

I am a biologist visiting my friend’s zoo to investigate odd behavior amongst the interactive gorilla band they had under observation. The enclosure was vast and jungly, with a small, box-like observation area, as well as the only  entrance to the enclosure; one wall adjacent to the outside fence where you entered the room, and another door with a rope ladder led you downward onto the ground where the apes abounded.

As I was informed, they had been, on occasion, falling into murderous rages, seemingly for no reason, and under no particular stress or stimulation. They had already attacked and killed a number of their keepers, but the study had to continue regardless and most of the time they were completely peaceful. We derived a method of studying them at ground level cautiously, then quickly scaling the fences of the enclosure and waiting it out should they become violent, when they calmed down, we went back to our observations.

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