Titanic Proportions

I am going on a Tour of the Titanic shipwreck. The wreckage has been brought into shoreline waters and is displayed in two pieces, both partially jutting forth from the surface. Each group is given a tour guide, completely outfitted to scuba dive with a camera on their head. We sit in a gray life boat and view a T.V. screen that intercepts the visuals from our tour guide’s camera, and audio from a small mic, so he can explain to us what we are seeing as he swims throughout the ship.

It has been restored in the above water bits and is painted dark forest green and white . Afterwards, we are taken ashore to explore the ruins of what was previously the captains mansion, surrounded by vast orchards that were maintained to the present by the foundation who runs the boat tours. We tasted and sampled an apple, a plum, and an odd type of grape from the vineyard, then went up to the dilapidated old mansion. It was once beautiful and much of the old architecture still stood.

A hole had broken down one wall and through it you could see the beautifully painted gold leaf carvings that stood out in relief on nearly every surface, marble floor to ceiling. It reminded me of an old church and though it was stunning, the sheer and heady opulence made me feel that living in such a place would surely make me ill, no wonder the captain had chosen a life primarily at sea. Free to live as a nomad, his only possession his person.


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