There has been an outbreak of zombies akin to those seen in the film “body snatchers”, with a group intelligence, or hive mind. My group and I, compromised of around 30 uninfected, manage to sneak into an observatory, the interior of which has been converted into a small jungle, complete with a lake. We are shut in, but the dark, looming shapes of the zombies outside can be seen slowly collecting about the base of the enclosure thus trapping us in our small salvation. at the outset, it appears that we will be safe within the dome to wait out the invasion, the jungle around us appears to be full of edible fruits and small animal activity as well as a fresh source of water in the lake.

Members of our group begin to converse with one another in hushed tones, but becoming too brazen their voices raise and the zombies begin to amass outside the domes opaque glass siding using the pressure of their bodies with the ultimate goal of crushing their way in. As they begin to grow in number, they pile up along the sides, slowly blocking out the light and pushing us further and further into a humid darkness. We climb towards the top of the enclosure on large ropes hung from the ceiling, quietly attempting to evade them, and they finally cover the dome completely throwing us into complete blackness. The glass siding at the base snaps and cracks until openings are pressed through and the zombies congeal on the soft, grassy floor. One by one, a sick joke in our time of need, our ropes snap. I hit the ground hard, the breath knocked hard out of my lungs and my insides burn, but I know better than to cry out. Some of us have been luckier than others and as I lay motionless I can feel others landing on the green causing the ground to ripple slightly, some are unfortunate as to land on top of the creatures, alerting them to the presence of their food source, we lie still and listen to them screaming as they are devoured.

Silently, I get to my feet, swaying slightly as to not alert the zombies that I am anything but another flesh eater wavering amongst them. I find that a few others have followed my example and we manage to form a group of sorts, undetected by the zombies. Once we have assembled and ordered ourselves accordingly I find myself as the leader of our group, and I move haltingly towards a small back door exit from the structure. Scanning outside we find that there is no sign of any infected, and sheer luck seems to have been on our side. Just down a small gravel service road is a large white van, its door swung wide revealing keys in the ignition. We decide to run for it but quickly see that it is not to be so easy an endeavor, a great tiger, foaming with signs of infection rounds on us, previously unseen.

I have only an instant to formulate and carry out a plan that will leave us all alive. I duck around the back of the van, reach inside and turn on the van, shifting it into drive and pressing hard on the gas before rolling out onto the ground and remaining completely still. The car heads off down the service road and the tiger, thankfully, is distracted by the movement and runs off after it. Being left now with no way of escape, we shuffle back into the dome. Right as we pass through the doorway a blue seal forms, encasing the entire building, and a greenish hued gas begins to permeate the room. the new threat of death by poison overrules our fear of zombies and we sprint, dodging their slow attacks, and head for the lake. Reaching the edge, we dive in and swim quickly for the center at which point we submerge our heads. We wait under the surface as we hear the zombies dying one by one as they succumb to the toxic gas. I am running out of air, and I burst out of the lake just as I wake.

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