Not So Cherry

I am very surprised to find our dinner interrupted this evening, by a sister I never knew I had. She is very pale and has short red hair, and wears a white sun dress with a cherry print My parents seem to be together in this dream, and at the outset, we are all overjoyed that she is there. She had moved away and become estranged after adopting a drug habit, but had returned now, after going through an intense rehab. Something in her demeanor however was not quite right, and I slowly saw my family turning away from me in admiration of her. At every given opening she struck at me, bringing me down to my lowest lows. Informing any in my family of the slightest infraction on her part only earned me grave censure, everyone was worried that she would hear me complaining of her, assume everyone shared my opinions, and leave again, after they had so recently gained her back into the family. The final blow came the day I was choosing my wedding dress. It was white with beautiful red sparkles, and short above the knee, admittedly horrid in reality, but in my dream I was enthralled. For the reception I chose a red dress with black sparkles. She laughed at me and called me a pitiful fool for being so vain as to want to look both the bride and the bridesmaid. I was so angry that I simply couldn’t take it, we fought and I won, she sat fuming on the ground, but my family rallied around me. She spat and snarled but finally having seen her for the money grabbing villain that she truly was, they held to my side, furious, she left and never returned.

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