Hire Me!

During the semi annual sale at Victoria’s Secret where I have recently applied for a job, I am browsing through the very thin racks of merchandise, when finally I am approached by a very tall gay man who is apparently an employee. I inform him of my predicament, and as the store is mostly empty, we begin to chat. I tell him that I have not yet heard back about the job and that my expectations have fallen, I fear that I was not hired. He tells me to confront my past manager and ask her if she said anything that would lead them to avoid hiring me. I agree avidly and, bidding him farewell, leave the store and head to my old place of employ.

I walk into the back room and demand of my former manager to know just what she said about me, and she is more than willing to comply. “I told them that you had behaved in such a way that you showed me the two most horrible examples of customer service I had ever seen or ever wish to.” Her reply was so astonishingly frank that at first I was shocked into silence. Gaining my composure I shame her for her censure and ask the employees that have gathered around me if they would support me in claiming that what she had done was illegal. They believed me, and I knew that I was in the right, yet nothing changed, I was out of a job and by no means could I bring a charge against her as I did not have the money.

4 thoughts on “Hire Me!

  1. What a terrible way to find out what you previous boss really thought about you. Hopefully, you didn’t send out too many resumes referencing your previous job. By the way, great creative writing on all your blogs! I enjoyed every single one of them, but my personal favorite is your “Beautiful boy”…makes me think about someone special in my life 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I really want to focus on posting some writing samples, not just jotting out my dream journal, but I really try to remember as much detail as I can!

  2. So did you ever find a new job? I just can’t see a talented creative writer like yourself working at the victorias secrets. You know what I think? No, really really think? You need to call New York Times and tell them Chris9911 of wordpress thinks most of their writers are bunch of turds and they should hire you ASAP, for solid six figure salary!

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