Beautiful Boy

A beautiful boy seeks to love me, and only me. I sit with a melancholy veneer on a small boat tied to a wharf. He approaches me candidly and with a beautiful smile. He is somebody’s brother, an uncle at a young age, enduringly handsome and sweet. He is amazingly charming, but nothing but true and honest vibrancy of character hides in his expression. He flirts with me, toying a smile onto my own face despite my private thoughts, and gently pulls me from my revery, “do you think that I am cute?” I ask him, “I think you are.” His reply is very simple and full of boyish charm.

He says that I am a goddess divine, he wants to love me, it hampers him like a broken limb. For the first time, in a long time, I want to love him back. He comes to the library where I work, in the middle of the day with sandwiches and apples, and we abscond to a narrow hallway of books for an impromptu picnic. We laugh and hold each other dearly; my boss is perturbed but bemused by our sneaking about. He has a wonderful surprise for me, so taking my hand, we head outside. We are in a beautiful grassy park and at one end, a large, glass encased observatory is filled with a jungle of flora and fauna.  It is a beautiful, clear afternoon of mild weather and when we are together, we can fly.


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